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How are the Florida Courts calculating child support?

This is a frequent question by many parties, both those receiving, and those paying child support.  Calculating child support is based on Florida Statutes Chapter 61.30.  In determining a parties’ gross income, the Court looks at the following in terms of income (61.30(2)(a)): (a) Gross income shall include, but is not limited to, the following: 1. Salary […]

Imputation of income

In cases where a party is unemployed or underemployed, an argument can be made to impute income for purposes of calculating alimony and/or child support. Pursuant to Florida Statutes §61.30(2)(b): “Monthly income shall be imputed to an unemployed or underemployed parent if such unemployment or underemployment is found by the court to be voluntary on […]

Can I move to another city or state with my children?

Florida Statutes §61.13001 lists the factors a court considers when determining if one parent can move more than 50 miles from their current residence.  The factors for a court to consider include the following: (7) NO PRESUMPTION; FACTORS TO DETERMINE CONTESTED RELOCATION.—A presumption in favor of or against a request to relocate with the child does […]

Can they put a lien on my property?

In many instances, contractors or subcontractors perform work on someone’s property, without the property owner being fully aware of their rights or responsibilities under the lien statutes in Florida. When there is non-payment by the property owner or a dispute over payment, litigation often arises. And, interestingly, litigants, and sometimes courts, aren’t sure of their […]

S/he doesn’t actually hit me, so it isn’t Domestic Violence, right?

With the recent publicity involving NFL player Ray Rice, domestic violence is a frequent topic of conversation. While many jokes and tasteless comments have arisen because of the publicity of this event, it does start conversation surrounding a difficult topic, and allows people to further evaluate their personal relationships. Florida Statutes §741.28 provides definitions for […]

Social media in your case

In today’s society, social media is a staple for communication. Like it or not, people can learn a lot about someone else by what they post on social media sites. The law is quickly recognizing the impact of social media on cases before the court. But, what someone posts on social media sites may or […]