Frequently Asked Questions

Like most things in law, It depends.  The extent of the cost of a legal case depends on many things, including the complexities involved in the case, the client, the other side, opposing counsel, and even the courts calendar can dictate when your case can go before a judge for a hearing or trial.  I strive to complete cases in a timely, cost effective manner.

I don’t believe in keeping money I haven’t earned.  All of my retainer agreements (with the exception of flat fee agreements) are refundable.  And, yes, several clients have received their remaining funds back from my trust account.

Florida bar rules prohibit a lawyer from accepting a contingency fee on certain types of cases, including family law cases.  I do take some civil cases on a contingency, but it depends on a number of factors.  You would need to set up a consultation to discuss your specific case.

The best way for me to evaluate your case and go through your options is for you to come in for a consultation.  At the consultation, we will go over any documentation you have, your rights, your responsibilities, and discuss the best way to achieve a positive result in your case.

Generally speaking, most all divorces involve an equitable distribution of the parties assets and liabilities, some cases involve alimony, some cases involve claims of attorneys fees, and in cases involving children include child support and time sharing. There are several rules and timelines the parties should be aware of to be sure to provide the appropriate information to the other side and the court.

Yes!  Schedule an appointment for a consultation as soon as possible.  There are important deadlines involving appealing the decision of a lower court.