Child Custody

Child Custody, Visitation

Child custody can be the most complex part of a divorce. Whether you will share parenting responsibility, assign it to one parent, or want a detailed agreement regarding issues around education and extracurricular activities, McNeal Legal, LLC can help you develop a parenting plan and timesharing agreement that is in your child’s best interests. If your situation changes, we can help you determine if you can modify your current parenting plan and timesharing agreement.

If your former spouse does not follow your existing agreement, you need a knowledgeable Gainesville family law attorney to guide you through a focused mediation or help you enforce the agreement in court through contempt proceedings, if necessary. Contact us today.


If you would like to relocate with your child, McNeal Legal, LLC can guide you through the specific legal steps that must be taken to notify the other parent. Florida has adopted new statutes to accommodate parents moving out of state. For example, you must petition the court to move more than 50 miles from the original location in your parenting plan. Also, the relocating parent generally takes on a higher burden to meet the parenting plan and time sharing arrangements. As experienced Gainesville family law attorneys, we will help you understand your rights.

If you are a parent that objects an upcoming move, contact us to prepare your case. The judge will consider several factors when considering relocation, including the age of the child(ren), reasons for moving, and the ability to preserve your relationship with your child(ren).