Child Support

Child Support and Alimony

Child support remains one of the most financially sensitive aspects of divorce. It is crucial that the court calculates child support or alimony payments correctly. The smallest error compounds over time and can lead to significant financial consequences. Consult us to establish or modify a child support or alimony agreement. If child support is not being paid, McNeal Legal, LLC can help you enforce payment through the court system.

The laws pertaining to alimony are constantly in flux. There are various alimony types to cater to your needs, such as gaining education or skills needed to support yourself. Sometimes different types of alimony may be combined to suit your needs. Temporary alimony is often used during court proceedings or a transition period immediately after the dissolution of your marriage. During court, one spouse must establish a need for alimony and the other spouse the ability to pay. Our skilled Gainesville family law attorneys can help you determine what types of alimony pertain to your case.

Contact us if you need to establish alimony or change alimony orders after you or your ex-spouse’s earning capacity changes.